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EXHIBIT HUMAN, a film by
Arianna Vergari, Marco Camilli, Valentina Traini.
Original motion picture soundtrack by
Eric Guerrino Nardin & Angelo Maria Farro.

The first italian documentary
about Gunther Von Hagen's plastination.

A hundred corpses exposed in a tomb, anatomical machines result of mysterious experiments, manipulated bodies in order to win the natural and biological decay. Anna, a young photographer, moves around these places where death is shown yet denied, and thinks about the decision to be plastinated. She signed an agreement in which she choose willingly, after her death, to donate her body to a german institution where the corpse is transformed, became anatomical plastic and in the end, finally, a sculpture. Sculptures that the mysterious inventor of the plastination technique, Gunther Von Hagens, has decided to expose in the most visited exhibition in the world: Bodyworlds.

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