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UNLOCKED SOUNDS - Empty cities during lockdown (restrictions due to Covid-19)
The lockdown was such a restrictive and devastating measure for all the societies we live in. At the same time though, it created a unique opportunity in history from a soundscape point of view. This sound library frames that moment. I believe it could have, in first place, an historical and anthropological value. Continued...

CATASHHH – Tonal ambiences from industrial labs
Some time ago I was asked to record some interviews in a company where they perform tests, analyses and experiments on different products for the wood and furniture industry. Being there I was captivated by all the sounds I heard in every single space I entered. Every time it was like discovering a new world. Thus, I decided to record them.  Continued...

The helpless body. The torment of an ancestral need. The instinct of life and the allurement of death. The uncontrollable passion that corrodes those who hide the desire. Nicandro, seduced by the goddess Persefone, can’t choose his nature.  Listen...

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Decomposed music, Soundscapes, Field recordings, ASMR, Calm, Sleep, Meditation, Love, and Peace.
Presented by Eric Guerrino Nardin, italian-french sound artist, sound designer, sound engineer.